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Peaks Mt. Garfield, Owl's Head, NH
Trails: Garfield Trail, Garfield Ridge Trail, Franconia Brook Trail, Lincoln Brook Trail, bushwhack, Lincoln Brook Trail, Franconia Brook Trail, Lincoln Woods Trail
Date of Hike
Date of Hike: Monday, May 25, 2020
Parking/Access Road Notes
Parking/Access Road Notes: Lincoln Woods half fun at 6:30 am. Garfield Trailhead (yes road is open and you can drive to it) only one car when we arrived but upon return cars were parked along the side of the road. 
Surface Conditions
Surface Conditions: Dry Trail, Wet Trail, Standing/Running Water on Trail, Snow/Ice - Monorail (Stable), Snow/Ice - Monorail (Unstable), Snow - Spring Snow 
Recommended Equipment
Recommended Equipment: Snowshoes, Light Traction 
Water Crossing Notes
Water Crossing Notes: Oh baby every seasonal stream is running full. Able to step in water across 13 Falls and we were just able to rock hop across Lincoln Brook on our way up the trail to reach the north ridge. Trying to get to Lincoln Woods, we couldn't cross Lincoln Brook to reach the Black Pond bushwhack so we whacked down stream to reach the Lincoln Brook Trail's Franconia Brook crossing, strong water up to the bottom pockets, maybe higher. Streams the rest of the way out were rock hop-able.  
Trail Maintenance Notes
Trail Maintenance Notes: Clear all the way up to Garfield and down the ridge. A few smaller blow downs on the Franconia Brook Trail down to 13 Falls. I am sad that trails in this designated fake wilderness are muddy messes and have no blazes.  
Dog-Related Notes
Dog-Related Notes: why not if they like rotten snow and lots of water 
Bugs: Nope, surprise they didn't bug us. Did see a couple black flies on Lincoln Woods Trial. 
Lost and Found
Lost and Found:  
Comments: Mt. Garfield, Owls Head, Owl's Head Mountain-The Spire-Ears

At 9 am, we were standing on top of Garfield enjoying a big bright vista of the Franconia Ridge and Owls Head and more. Zachary put on his snowshoes at elevation 3k and I barebooted. But I put my snowshoes on to find the fire warden's privy and then put on my mirco-spikes. I filled my water bottles at the Garfield Campsite spring and then barebooted down the steep section that was more of a waterfall than a trail.

Snowshoes stayed on until we ran out of snow on the Franconia Brook Trail-plenty of rotten snow with streams running beneath. Had to step in water to cross 13 Falls and then when we had to cross Lincoln Brook we got lucky with rocks submerged and a tree leaning into the brook on the other side that made for a handrail we could hop and be glad we had on gaiters to keep water out of the top of our boots.

We stayed on the trail until we had a straight shot at the Owls Head north ridge. We put on snowshoes just before elevation 3k and kept them on until we were headed down to the OwlsHead-Sprire. Surprisingly good snowshoeing on a good foot or more of consolidated snow, we did well finding good woods, staying on or east of the ridge and across the bumps and the summit.

We went straight south to the Spire and snowshoes were on and off our feet for a short time and then off for good. More decent woods and herd paths to the pointy bump. Then worked our way west and around to the east to visit the Ears, the big flat area was cool and I found a bunch of string tied to some old branches. From there we headed west and south trying to not get cliffed out. Steep stuff and stayed out of the drainage, taking our time. On the map on the letter N in the word Franconia (elv. 2k) we came across a giant boulder field, huge erractics, worth a trip to explore them another time.

Upon reaching Lincoln Brook to try to reach the Black Pond Bushwhack we couldn't figure out any way to get across, we hunted up and down and then gave up. We continued downstream to hit the Lincoln Brook Trail and to cross the Franconia Brook--deep but do-able. We saw a couple on the other side that apparently had just made it across, we met them later on the LWT--they turned back part way up the wet slippery slide. Once across we took off our wet boots and put on our trail runners. Dry socks left great. Then it was the regular long walk out. Lots of people walking, 1 bicyclist, on the LWT from Franconia Falls intersection on out. Still plenty of snow in the mountains and that snowfog that capped the summits starting late morning sure was something. Always fun to go new places. (fyi route was just 20 miles).  
Name: Nordic_Gal, zporterColdRiverCampCook 
Date Submitted
Date Submitted: 2020-05-26 
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